Saturday, September 10, 2011


We have been checking out places to have our "HOPPER REUNION"
next summer.  This is Natural Falls State Park and this is one
beautiful place to have it.  Big room, kitchen, patio with smoker and
grill, RV park, Wi-Fi, playground and a short walk to the Falls.

This is the entrance to the reunion room and the patio on the side and
can have it for $125.00 per day. 

This is Honey Creek RV Park and you can have the six table for $75.00 a day.

Still looking....have looked at a number of parks but did not take pictures because
we are not going there :)

Monday, September 5, 2011


After almost nine months I got the "HUG" I was waiting for!!!

Suzie and Brian are giving a Bar-B-Q for Justin's Homecoming

Justin is teasing me about my gray hair and Pop is singing
"That Silver Headed Mama of Mine"

Justin is giving a patch to his friend Braden who says that
Justin is his hero!!!

Braden was afraid that Justin would not remember him but no way could any of us
forget this little guy!

Justin and Popa Ron...

Justin with his dad, Brian...

Mom Suzie with Justin's buddy, Pepper!