Saturday, August 3, 2013


Went to the Bentonville library to do some more research on our Hopper family.  I didn't find anything on our direct line but did find information on cousins way back, maybe it will help someone if I post it and it's one way I won't lose it...

Rockingham Co., N.C. Will Abstracts    Volume 1   1785 - 1865   page 60

C:118 JEREMIAH HOPPER: June 16, 1851 Prb. Aug 1851
Wife, Nancy Hopper,
Dau, Betsey Baugh 
Sons, Permenies D. Hopper, Greenville Hopper
Exr: Neighbor John Strong,
Wit: Charles Strong, Thomas W. Keen

Same book as above page 39

B:99 JOSHUA HOPPER:  Oct 11, 1824  Prb. May 1834
Wife, Lucy Hopper 
Sons, Jesse Hopper (land whereon I live bouned by James Dillard, estate of Joshua Lindsay and Jerry Hopper) Thomas Hopper, William Hopper, Joseph Hopper, Darby Hopper, Joshua Hopper.
Daus, Unity Odel, Ann Grogan, Rodock Stephens.
Exrs: Son Jesse Hopper, L. David, Bartho Grogan, John Vernon

Friday, August 2, 2013


Justin is coming home from his 2nd tour in Afghanistan.   This is the shirt
his wife, Taylor made to wear to his home coming.

Justin's brother and wife, Taylor leaving to go meet
his plane that is bringing him HOME !!!
Go Kids !!!!!  Get Him !!!
Thank you God that he is coming home !!!!