Saturday, July 14, 2012


Our cousin, Ronnie Treat designed our Hopper Family Reunion shirts. 
This is the back with our Grandparents and our parents listed.

This is the front of our shirts....
What a great shirt for a great day !!!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Welcome "HOPPER" Family
Guest Book
Three of six genealogy books of  information of our "HOPPER" Family
Pictures of past family members
Grandpa Hopper's Cane
Family Tree
Grandma's lamp and Dad's cane
History of McDonald Co., Missouri

All tables set with old family pictures

Dad's old pocket watch
Hopper Family Reunion Banner

Thursday, July 12, 2012


The day before the Reunion the "Hopper Cousins" meet at the McDonald's
in Bentonville, Arkansas to make the trip to our G Grandparents home in
the Pineville and Jane, Missouri area. 

Believe me ! This McDonald's will never be the same !!!
We had a four car caravan and more fun than you could imagine...
Younger generation of " Hopper Cousins".  This is at the Jane, Mo. cemetery and
their GG Grandparents headstone.

They are laughing at the "Older Generation" because we couldn't work their iphones for pictures :)

The "Older Hopper Cousin's"
Linda, Johnnie, Ronnie, Carol, Judy and Jan ;)

We went down town to the square in Pineville and they were having a Farmers Market
and a band was playing.  Cousins, Jan and Johnnie starting much fun!!!!

Jan and Johnnie dancing on the Pinville, Mo. square in front of the old Court House...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My sister-n-law, Gloria Hopper, who hates her
picture taken so of course the whole family has to try
to capture her picture...Look what I just posted Gloria :)

My daughter, Suzie,  and my brother, Jim, having a great time
sitting out in our back yard.  Jim and Gloria came in on Friday before the
reunion and we just sit in my back yard having fun.  It was a
surprise because we were not expecting them until the next day. 
We don't get to see them often as they live in California.