Saturday, December 29, 2012


Grand Children Jarrod and Maycee.  This was taken
many many years ago.  My daughter took the picture
then posted it on facebook for them to see. 

This was put on a package for my daughter from her
grandmother, Lois many years ago.  I saved it
and still put it on one of her packages each year.
Brings a smile to both of us.

A Christmas tag from my son many years ago. 

I have several of these ornaments made by my
daughter back in 1978.  I treasure each one
and now she is beginning too.

I love this Christmas tag from my son
from many many years ago.  I have had it
tacked to my bulletin board for ever until I
got these clear glass ornaments.   

A new ornament added to the tree this year...
A hand print of my great grandson, Colton who is
two months old.

Another new ornament this year.  I put a picture
of Colton in one of my glass ornaments and
put it on the tree.  Made another one for
my daughter since this little grandson of hers
stole her heart at first glance.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Dinner is ready....Hope all my friends and family
had a very

Monday, December 24, 2012


Son-n-law Brian

Josh with his "Deer Alert" after he already
got hit by a deer

Baby Luke

Luke with great aunt Carol (me)

Brian and Nicole

Little William just turned two a couple days ago

My daughter Suzie...Beautiful!

My sister Linda with her daughter Karia and her two grandsons, Luke and William

Us...Ron and Carol

Suzie and her great aunt June

My mother Juanita and her great grandson Luke

Josh with aunt June

Nicole is ready for Santa...told her if she stopped
believing in Santa all she got was underwear.  She
said she still believes :)

Josh having some fun with great aunt June ... putting his flat billed hat on her ...
She is not sure what to think about this.