Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The sun came out but I don't think it will melt any of the snow we got last night that is covering the ice we got yesterday. Didn't make it into work today, they were not sure they would even stay open. All the roads are really bad! No one is moving unless they have to and we had to make it out to mom's to pick her up. Her lights went out yesterday afternoon along with her phone. We knew she had the fireplace for heat and that she would be OK until we could get there today. She is now staying with my aunt a few blocks from us. My aunt has a spare bedroom and mom didn't want to fight my cat for the couch. lol

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As the day went on the storm got worse. These pictures look like snow but believe me it's not, it's pure ice! Our neighbors tree just split and is blocking the street. Hubby cleared the walk but it is covered again. Tree limbs are cracking and falling all over the place. We had to pull one off the roof because it was laying across a power line. We just got the power back on, sure don't want to lose it!!!!


We are still having the ice storm and will have until 6AM on Wednesday morning. Our lights went out about 7:30 AM, just as we were leaving to go to work. The roads were not as bad as I thought they would be and we made it just find. Only saw two cars in the ditch. When we got to my place of work, only two people had made it in. The opening manager said she was not going to stay open very long and if I wanted to go home it was OK. I really didn't want to stay because hubby was taking the car and I was afraid I would be stranded when and if they closed up so we took off for home. When we got back to our little town it was all dark so we slowly drove into the next town and went to breakfast at McDonalds. Hubby really wanted to see if any of his coffee buddies was there, which being smarter than we are, they were not. As we pasted Wal-Mart hubby asked if I wanted to stop and walk around instead of going home to a empty dark house. I think he just wanted to check out the McD's there for more of his coffee buddies :-) After getting home and checking on my mother and aunt, who was without heat our lights came on about noon. So here I am like most of our towns around me, sitting at the PC and blogging. I did take some pictures outside of my old "Welcome Goose" with ice coming off her bill. The walk and old red deck is covered with ice and you can hear the ice in the trees cracking. I just hope the trees don't crack or it will be me cracking ;-)

Monday, January 26, 2009


This is just not my's a kind of a sad day!
We are having an Ice storm right now, so it
will be really hard getting to work tomorrow.
Suppose to be an inch and half of ice!!!!
My sister has to go for a biopsy on Wed. She
found a lump but it's small and they think it's
a calcium deposit. I hope so...
Then my 16 year old grandson got beat up at
school today. This Sr. kid came up behind him and
started beating on him because he didn't want
him talking to this girl! My grandson spent the
afternoon at the ER and then had to go to the
dentist to re-do his braces. They did handcuff the
Sr. kid and took him to jail...
Guess it was a sad day for someone besides me....
Right Sr. Kid!