Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Robert and Lucinda Keck Hopper were my Great Grandparents.
Robert and Lucinda married in Johnson County Missouri and moved to the area of Jane and Caverna in McDonald County, Missouri by 1860. They resided on a farm in Section 23 of White Rock Township for some 40 years. The 1876 Special Census shows that Robert could not read or write but that Lucinda could (this is supported by the deed records that were signed by Lucinda but signed by Robert with an X.) Lucinda's father died when she was thirteen and she married Robert at fifteen. Her first child was born at age seventeen and her last at forty-four. As a housewife and mother, Lucinda's responsibilities included all areas of child rearing, food preservation and preparation, home maintenance, and clothing production.
Robert and Lucinda had been married just over fifty-seven years when she died in February of 1909 at the age of seventy-two. He died in August 1915 when he was almost eighty-two years old. Both are buried in White Rock Cemetery, Jane, Missouri.
Robert's mother, Mary "Polly" Davenport, was the daughter of Martin Davenport, a Revolutionary War hero. Martin fought at the Battle of King's Mountain in Tennessee.

The second picture is Martha Catherine Hopper Davenport and Susan Suphronia Hopper Montgomery, daughters of Robert and Lucinda.

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