Thursday, January 1, 2009


Each year we all go to my mother's for
Christmas Eve. First thing I did was
get a picture of my grandsons, Josh and
Justin. Then came Nicole and her dad, Matt. Nicole is four and was a lot of fun this year. My brother, Jeff kept telling Nicole that Santa was stuck in the snow and would not be at our house this Christmas. She wasn't buying it and came right back at him. He showed her a picture on his laptop of Santa crashing and when she saw the picture she turned around and grabed my husband's arms and shook him saying how could you let him do that !!! My son-in-law, Brian went outside and called Nicole on his cell phone telling her he was Santa and would be there soon. I hope every one had a nice Christmas, I know I am just glad it is over and I am ready for the New Year...

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