Monday, February 23, 2009


A nice big "Blog Hello" to David, my brother's good-good friend.
Jim said you stop by here once in awhile, so in case you are here, HI!!!
I'm ready for another party at Jim' about you? ;-)
Hey David, look at this picture I found of Jim and Gloria on their Wedding Day...
(don't shoot me Gloria!)
I think if fits with the post I did yesterday about their Anniversary. Isn't it great!!!!

Today is Aunt Anne's Birthday.
Love and Hugs to you Aunt Anne...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Carol,
It's David in Apple Valley, CA. I agree, it's time for another party. Jim , Gloria??? Carol and I are ready!!! It was a pleasure to finely meet you and your family. I think your "A Little Coner of my LIFE" is wonderful. A big blog Hello right back to you.