Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is White Rock Cemetery in Jane, McDonald Co., Missouri. This is where my Great Grandparents, Robert and Lucinda Hopper, are buried. We took our grandsons with us to put flowers on the different family members that are buried there. To our surprise, they enjoyed the stories and the history we told them about that day. They cleaned around the stones and cleaned the stones the best they could. I was going to put Red, White and Blue flowers (my favorite colors) with a flag but the boys said no, their Great Great Great Grandfather was a Confederate Solider in the Civil War and would not think too much of me doing that. I went along with them, just happy that they were having a nice day learning about past family. The one picture of Josh cleaning around a stone made me stop and think...he was cleaning and working real hard when I came up to him and said "honey that is not our family". He looked up at me and said "I know Grammy, but it is a baby boy and if it was me, I would want him to clean my stone" Think this Grammy didn't have to turn around quick and wipe the tears from her eyes. :]

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