Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We spent the week-end with my brother and his wife in Apple Valley, CA. We had the "BEST" time. He took us to Baja Taco for lunch and boy was it good. And get ready! It was only $1.98! Can you believe it!

Josh played a few games of pool with cousin Jimmy but he couldn't get Uncle Jim to play him. Jim said he didn't want Josh to feel bad when he beat him :)

We went to the new Victoria Mall and what a Mall it was! You could not cover it all in one day. It reminded me of Disney Land Main Street. We loved it

Josh love the Jamba Juice his cousin got him hooked on. Had to take a taste and it was good!

Josh got his first IN-N-OUT hamburger. Had to take a picture
so all the folks back home could drool :]

No IN-N-OUT in Arkansas :(

Went to breakfast the morning we left at Maxwell's. It was great, just a down home place with great food!

Josh tried to get a picture of Aunt Gloria. As you can see it didn't work.

All too fast, it was time to say good-by and head back to Arkansas. Thanks Jim and Gloria. We had a great time. Josh said it was the best time of the whole vacation! Love you both!!!!

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