Monday, January 26, 2009


This is just not my's a kind of a sad day!
We are having an Ice storm right now, so it
will be really hard getting to work tomorrow.
Suppose to be an inch and half of ice!!!!
My sister has to go for a biopsy on Wed. She
found a lump but it's small and they think it's
a calcium deposit. I hope so...
Then my 16 year old grandson got beat up at
school today. This Sr. kid came up behind him and
started beating on him because he didn't want
him talking to this girl! My grandson spent the
afternoon at the ER and then had to go to the
dentist to re-do his braces. They did handcuff the
Sr. kid and took him to jail...
Guess it was a sad day for someone besides me....
Right Sr. Kid!

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