Thursday, November 25, 2010


          My daughter, Suzie wanted to do Thanksgiving
at her house this year and she did a beautiful job.  Hope she does it again next year.

     Here she is doing "Grandma's Cream Peas".  When Grandma Lois was alive and doing Thanksgiving she always fixed cream peas.  We still have to have them :)

     Judy, her monther-n-law fixed sweet potatoes in orange halves with a little coconut on top.  Very good!

          I don't know who is the or Grandpa's !!!!!

     Suzie and her Grandmother, Juanita.  My Mom
will be turning 86 next Sunday and she is going like she is 66 :)

     Josh and his mom...

           Josh and his sweetheart, Rachel. 

     Trip home with the Sun and Ice.

     God Bless You!

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