Monday, January 31, 2011


Four to eight inches of snow plus two inches of ice is
suppose to hit our area today starting around 6 p.m.  Just to
be ready we have the candles, the air mattress, the stove and
the oil lamps out and ready.  Oh yeah, we have extra water and
new batteries and a stack of books to read. 
Our house is the only one that has gas heat so the
mattress is ready for cold family members when the electric
goes out as it ALWAYS does here in N.W. Arkansas.  We are
trying to see if my Mom and my Aunt are going to come over here
tonight or wait until after the storm hits then call us to come and get
them.  I just called and told them to decide because if it gets as bad
as they say, we won't be driving six miles out to the country
to pick them up.  Not that we wouldn't but because we couldn't.
So wish us well for the next couple of days, and let's
hope the Weather Man has it wrong again!!!

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