Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Was sitting in my living room this morning reading around 9:30 when
I heard this noise that sounded like a freight train coming in my
living room.  I ran out to the porch thinking "the fence will be on
the porch" and this is what I saw!

My neighbor ran the stop sign and was t-boned!  The stop sign and street sign are under
the van.  Thank God, no one was hurt, not even my fence !

As you can see the van was touching my fence....I'm very happy I still have my fence
but I'm soooo sorry for those poor people...  My husband and I was sitting on the porch
yesterday counting the cars that rolled that stop sign (even a cop car) and said one of
these days someone is going to get it...Looks like today was the day :( 

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