Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Rain last night was Great except for the BIG LIGHTING STRIKE that hit our house at 4:10 AM. Talk about someone coming out of bed!!!! Big BOOM Big LIGHT!!!

We lost the TV out of the living room, TV out of the bedroom, the VCR, my photo printer, my scanner/printer/copy for my laptop, my modem and my router plus the limbs from the trees hit the roof and now we have a leak over the washer. Hubby got me a new modem cause I gotta have my internet and a TV for him.

Insurance man tomorrow!!!

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Janice said...

Oh, that is terrible and am sure expensive too!Hope your insurance will cover the computers, etc. I know with our insurance, we have to have a rider for the computers and components.

Good luck and hope things get back to normal really soon!