Thursday, March 8, 2012


I brought in my flowes from the deck right before our
first freeze back in November.  I was told if I
shook all the dirt off the geranium's and put
them in a brown paper sack and keep them in a
dark cool place during the winter they would survive.
I had nothing to lose, they would die anyway, so
I was going to try it.  I placed them on my dryer
in front of a South window.  They did so good there,
that I set the other plants on a shelf in front of
that South window and they all survived the
winter and  they are beautiful!   Anyway I
am happy with them... 


Life can be simple said...

Bravo for you,I have always heard this also,never tried it or my mother,and she loves her geraniums,now we know there is nothing to loose.

Microsoft Office said...
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