Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Cousin Judy and her aunt Juanita Hopper (my mom at age 87)

Cousin's Karen and Gayle

My daughter Suzie, Johnnie, Jessica, my grandson Josh, Jan and her brother Ronnie

Suzie and Tim...same birthday, same hospital, only a couple years apart.

Gayle, Judy, Karen

Johnnie, Suzie, Ronnie

My brother Jim and our cousin, Judy

My cousin Jan and my daughter, Suzie...I knew they would hit it off and be best buds...
and sure enough they did and are :)

Jan with her aunt Juanita Hopper

Suzie and cousin's Garrison and his wife JaDee...

Matt, My brother Jim and cousin Garrison.  Matt is my sister's son-n-law.

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