Friday, March 1, 2013


Ended up in the ER this morning from all the medication these doctors have me on. I have been to five doctors and physical therapy since this sciatica nerve started in January.  I can't walk, can't get into the shower with out help, can't do anything but suffer.  Each  doctor gives me a new pill and sends me on to another doctor.  The specialist they sent me to, told me to walk 45 minutes each day.  Right!  I can't make it to the bathroom with out help.  What may I ask is he talking about!!!

The ER doctor gave me two shots of something and told me to go home and not move.  My whole back side is inflamed .  You can say that again!!!!  My leg feels like it is on fire!!! Going to go back on Monday for an MRI.  Just want this to STOP!!!!  It's the pain from hell...

This is what the Internet says about Sciatica Nerve:

Pain symptoms from sciatica, usually caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve, can vary significantly from one person to the next. Usually starting in the lower back, sciatic pain can radiate through the pelvis, buttocks and down the back of the leg. Usually symptoms are only felt on one side of the body.

Depending on the source of trouble, sciatic pain may be felt in the foot or even all the way to the toes. Sciatic nerve pain intensity can range from minor to severe, causing burning or aching sensations.

Sciatica also causes tingling, numbness or weakness in the affected areas in some cases. Increased pain or numbness is common while sitting down.

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Jan said...

So sorry to hear about your health problem. I have very low back pain too. Mine is not as severe as yours but do know it can become overwhelming when you hurt. I used to work with a lady that had the same issue as you. She went to the YMCA daily and walked in the pool. She now is able to teach water aerobics. She still limps but the pain is much less severe. She said that the water took some of the stress off her spine and she could move easier in the pool. I know you can't live in a pool but even for an hour or so might be helpful. Worth thinking about. Good luck and God Bless for a speedy recovery.