Saturday, August 3, 2013


Went to the Bentonville library to do some more research on our Hopper family.  I didn't find anything on our direct line but did find information on cousins way back, maybe it will help someone if I post it and it's one way I won't lose it...

Rockingham Co., N.C. Will Abstracts    Volume 1   1785 - 1865   page 60

C:118 JEREMIAH HOPPER: June 16, 1851 Prb. Aug 1851
Wife, Nancy Hopper,
Dau, Betsey Baugh 
Sons, Permenies D. Hopper, Greenville Hopper
Exr: Neighbor John Strong,
Wit: Charles Strong, Thomas W. Keen

Same book as above page 39

B:99 JOSHUA HOPPER:  Oct 11, 1824  Prb. May 1834
Wife, Lucy Hopper 
Sons, Jesse Hopper (land whereon I live bouned by James Dillard, estate of Joshua Lindsay and Jerry Hopper) Thomas Hopper, William Hopper, Joseph Hopper, Darby Hopper, Joshua Hopper.
Daus, Unity Odel, Ann Grogan, Rodock Stephens.
Exrs: Son Jesse Hopper, L. David, Bartho Grogan, John Vernon

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