Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yes, today is my Birthday, my 64th Birthday! I don't feel that I am getting older...well, maybe just a little. But I do wish I knew who this old lady in my mirror is! Every time I go to put on my make-up or do my hair, or even just walk by, there she is! How did she end up in there? How did I end up like this so fast! Oh well, guess that is life and I better get use to it, think? These pictures are all of my past and the last one is my present. What a present to get on my Birthday! LOL... All kidding aside it's been a very nice Birthday that started out at McDonald's with our friends that we meet with each Saturday. My sister and her grand daughter, Nicole stopped by McD's (she knows where to find me every Saturday AM) and gave me a gift card for Kirkland's. Mom gave me a gift card for Hasting's (for movies, books or CD's) and hubby took me shopping and out to lunch at Appleby's. My daughter and her family is coming over tomorrow, so yes I have had a very nice Birthday even if that old lady keeps showing up in my mirror...

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