Sunday, August 16, 2009


Anyone else besides myself, hooked on that stupid FB game FARMTOWN?????

I have been on that thing almost all afternoon with my sister, my grandson, my niece plus a bunch of farmers I don't even know! And you know what? We've been having a good time.

The idea is to plant crops that someone else harvests for money so you can buy things like houses, animals, paths, and rivers. You get your fields plowed by somebody else to get points to move up in the game. You also can get money and points by going to the Marketplace and getting someone else to hire you. The Marketplace is filled with “farmers”, yelling: HIRE ME! You can also instant message your “neighbors” to help harvest or plow.

It really gets bad, when your husband calls you to dinner and you say give me a couple more minutes, I just got a job picking cotton. And what's really bad! He understands and waits on you!

I just thought I would ask, since I feel so stupid for spending so much of my free time on there. So why don't you come and join me, have fun and feel stupid with me :)

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