Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I found some more picture of my dad's aunt Sarah's family.  I don't know what it
is that makes me love genealogy but I do! 
I could and do stay on the genealogy sites most of the day
and just have a jolly good time all by myself.   I have seven
notebooks full of family pictures and facts on the Hopper's
and three on the Moore's.  One notebook is full of Civil War records
on my G Grandfather Moore.   My aunt, Ann  Moore Gulick, sent off
for the records and we sure found a wealth of information.  Even
found letters my G Grandmother had written about getting his
pension and more letters written by my Grandfather when my
G Grandmother had died.  You just never know what you are going
to find.  The best thing of all is finding cousins I never knew I had and
becoming friends and even getting to meet a few of them! 

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asIwasthinking said...

By any chance related to Admiral Grace Hopper?